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Ebel Septim casting magic by shonni-etta Ebel Septim casting magic :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 3 0 Andalite female bust by shonni-etta Andalite female bust :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 3 1 Male andalite by shonni-etta Male andalite :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 4 1 Rachni the Consort by shonni-etta Rachni the Consort :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 5 2 Javik headshot lineart by shonni-etta Javik headshot lineart :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 9 3 Des Jr and Des Sr by shonni-etta Des Jr and Des Sr :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 8 0 Vek Notur by shonni-etta Vek Notur :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 5 5 Female Prothean by shonni-etta Female Prothean :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 6 0 Kevala the Krogan by shonni-etta Kevala the Krogan :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 4 0 Girl by shonni-etta Girl :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 2 0 Kids by shonni-etta Kids :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 6 0 A Tribute by shonni-etta A Tribute :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 4 2 Illusolas by shonni-etta Illusolas :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 7 0 Ruck by shonni-etta Ruck :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 8 6 The Nerevarine by shonni-etta The Nerevarine :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 4 1 Mace and Avi by shonni-etta Mace and Avi :iconshonni-etta:shonni-etta 7 1
A majority of my works are Mass Effect aliens. Especially turians...


Hey guys!  I know I had a pretty messy old commission page but I'd rather use this as I can edit it easily as need be and add things.  <3  I'm saving up for a new art computer.  I've been using my MacBook Pro, and I think the poor thing is going to start getting worn out soon.  I want to start taking commissions on here, as drawing people's characters is something I very much enjoy doing.

I can do various things!  I specialise in humanoids.  Animals, however, may be a little bit difficult for me to capture.

All prices are in US dollars.  Please pay me through PayPal:
  • I'd prefer you don't pay me upfront.  Wait until you've at least okayed the sketch.  Once it's done I'll send you an invoice!
  • When I finish the image, I'll send it to you, watermarked and low-resolution. High resolution will be sent upon payment.
  • I'll show you the art as I progress on it.  You will see a rough sketch, clean sketch, and the final coloured product.  Please let me know if anything is needing to be changed at the sketch stage!  If you want me to surprise you, just say so!
  • If you want to keep in contact about your commission and receive updates, ask me for my Discord or Skype.
  • If you buy more than three pieces at a time I will take 15% off the final price.
  • Yes, I can do mature art! I will not, however, do any of the following: rape, paedophilia, necrophilia. Any mature art will be marked accordingly as mature when I upload it.
  • Anything else, I’m willing to give it a try, I just don’t have much practise with it! There are a lot of things I’m not sure how to draw. I am a beginner artist.
I also LOVE art trades!

Note me or reply here if you are interested!

Quick Sketch

  • PRICE: FREE!!!
They'll be a lot less messy, but similar to these:
One per person at a time, and it may take a while for me to finish them.  All I ask in return is that you signal-boost me!

Considering these are free, I may use stock for the pose.

Portrait Bust

  • PRICE: $10.00
Avitus Rix by shonni-etta  Meladil Highihre by shonni-etta  Jasminia by shonni-etta  Theodora Nasica by shonni-etta  Affection by shonni-etta

Coloured and shaded.  Can include armour, jewelry, complex hairstyles, etc.

3/4 Body

  • PRICE: $15.00

Coloured and shaded. Can include armour, jewelry, complex hairstyles, etc.


  • PRICE: Ranges from $15 - $25 depending on complexity
Rachni: the Consort by shonni-etta  Fellrik Full-Body by shonni-etta  Geth Char by shonni-etta

Coloured and shaded. Can include armour, jewelry, complex hairstyles, etc.


  • Additional Character: +$5.00
  • Scenery Background: +$3.00 - be aware I need practise with this and so it may leave something to be desired!
  • I design your character's appearance & clothing: ranges from +$5.00 to +$10.00 depending on complexity.
  • Very Simple Background: No charge
I can also do coding work on Jcink sites, but as these take me a long, long time, they will be quite expensive.


Win a free art piece!  Enter my raffle monthly.  To get an entry:
  • Signal-boost my commissions page (one ticket per piece of social media).
  • Watch my Twitch stream.
  • Refer a friend.
  • Comment on here (one ticket monthly).
There will be three prizes:
  1. Shaded and coloured full-body piece.
  2. Shaded and coloured 3/4 body piece.
  3. Shaded and coloured portrait.
  • Listening to: My playlist
  • Reading: Lore 'n Stuffs
  • Watching: Netflix
  • Playing: with my arts
  • Drinking: COFFEEEEEE



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Adapter cable should arrive today...I'm so antsy!  Need arts!!!
Hello from my iMac!  Unfortunately I'm waiting on a cable to connect it to my tablet–should arrive soon!  But this computer is huge and glorious.
Waiting on my iMac, should arrive today.  -squees-
This drell is too fun to draw, I swear <3
I draw so many turians XDDD not gonna stahp
Sorry I haven't been getting to art trades/requests recently, I've just been a bit blegh and needed to focus on my own doodles.
And I do believe the art block is now beginning to set in.
I seriously draw my turian way too much.  And turians.  I regret nothing. XD



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